Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos. El reconocido creador de contenido de farándula, saca a la luz su más íntimos secretos y vivencia en este mundo del entretenimiento.


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My first Insta review!!! THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts, @booksuburbia! This is what matters most to me – what YOU all think! My fram! Have you read or listened to #PerezTMI yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Tag me and use that hashtag!!! ❤️📖 #Repost @booksuburbia with @get_repost⁣ ・・・⁣ Before TMZ, there was Perez Hilton.⁣ Before Just Jared, there was Perez Hilton.⁣ Before BuzzFeed there was Perez Hilton.⁣ Dude, even before YT, TWTR, FB and IG, there was #PerezHilton. At this point in time, I don’t think there is ONE person above the age of 18 who doesn’t know who he is, BUT, I might be wrong (some people still live under a rock 🤣)⁣ .⁣ And some people, till this day, dislike (and I dare say hate, but that’s such an awful word) him. But I remember back in 05’, getting 1/2 hour early to class after work so I could find a computer at the Law School library and while everybody else was reading about penal codes🤣, I was basking in all the celebrity gossip Perez Hilton posted about. The site was different back then, and many people at least back home in #CentralAmerica still didn’t know him well, but I had friends at work who cracked the firewall just to access his site (LEGIT).⁣ .⁣ After reading ‘TMI: My Life in Scandal’, I now see (and TBH have seen for a few years now), the rebirth of a man who didn’t have the life many think he did. Who suffered tremendous loss at an age where you need to have that guidance most. Somebody who did the effort, went to college but as many, couldn’t squeeze the life out of that degree, cause guess what? REAL LIFE IS A B%#tC=, and many times even the most prepared people need to find their purpose. And found it HE DID! Thanks to him, many people learned about what being #blogger really is AND enjoyed celebrity gossip when the only other (trusted) source back home was E Entertainment (IF you were lucky enough to have cable 🙄).⁣ ⁣ Now, many years later, he brings us a very personal and powerful testament of HIS way of living and seeing the things he’s seen. He makes sure we know he’s just as human as anybody else and he admits to the things that years later he regrets, and things he’s absolutely proud of.⁣ .⁣ And if

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Repasa el tema de su amistad con la cantante Lady Gaga, en donde se sintió utilizado.
La biografía lleva por nombre TMI: My life in scandal. Recordar el nombre verdadero del influencer es Mario Armando Lavandeira, aunque es conocido como Pérez Hilton, menciona su paso por el mundo del entretenimiento, desde sus primeros escritos en blogs y destacar que fue reconoció por la revista Forbes como una de las celebridades más famosas de todo el internet.

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